Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (2023)

Over time, even the sharpest and best axes will eventually become dull and useless. Unfortunately, it's just a fact of life!

But with the right ax whetstone, you can quickly restore your hatchets and hatchets to their former glory and extend their life without throwing away the familiar tools you've come to love. You can save time and money by investing in a quality ax sharpening stone.

A sharpening stone is not only a great investment and addition to your workshop, but also a useful item for anything else around the home or workplace that needs sharpening.

These stones can be used to sharpen a variety of knives, garden tools, chisels, hunting tools, and more.

We're here to share everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the perfect ax sharpening stone and review all the different options on the market.

How to buy the best ax sharpening stone

Once you start looking for a quality ax sharpener, you'll find that there are a variety of options that come in different sizes, shapes, weights, and styles. How do you know which one is right for you?

How to buy the best ax sharpening stone for your needs.

Dry, wet or oiled

First things first, there are a few different methods of sharpening blades and axes. Methods include dry, wet, or oiled.

A dry stone does not require any liquid to be applied to the surface prior to sharpening, just bring the stone to your blade and start sharpening.

Other stones need water to properly sharpen a blade. Wet stones usually require you to soak it for a few minutes, creating a slurry before rubbing the blade over the stone. This sharpens your blade optimally without dulling or damaging the steel.

Another way to sharpen your ax is with ax sharpening oil. Oil is considered one of the best ways to prevent the blade from leaking, but it can be expensive as it means you have to purchase an additional sharpening item. Clutter can also occur in the workshop.


Another important thing to consider when buying an ax sharpening stone is what exactly you need to sharpen.

You're probably here because you need to sharpen your axe, but is there something else you need to restore?

Like maybe some hunting knives, an axe, lawn mower blades, landscaping tools, or more? Kill two (or more) birds with one stone and get a whetstone that can do more than just sharpen your axe.


Sharpening tools also come in a variety of materials and grit options.

There are fine and coarse grains, which are marked with a number. The higher the number, the finer the grain, the lower the number, the coarser the grain.

A coarse grit is best to start the sharpening process to get the blade working, and then you need to use a fine grit to finish the job and optimize sharpening. Most stones come double grit for your convenience.

Top 10 Axtschleifsteine

1. Sharp Pebble Puck Ax Whetstone

Sharp Pebble offers a high quality 100% silicon carbide ax sharpening tool with its disc that is ergonomic and easy to use.

The shape allows for a secure hold that will not slip when sharpening the blade. There is a coarse 150 grit on one side and a fine 320 grit on the other to help you sharpen your ax blade with precision. This stone is a water sharpening stone and does not require sharpening oil.

This particular sharpening disc is recommended for a variety of tools, from axes to machetes, lawn mower blades, knives, and more. What makes this particular drive special is its beautiful bamboo storage case with magnetic closures.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (1)


  • Double grain, 150 coarse on one side and 320 fine on the other.
  • Made with 100% strong silicon carbide.
  • Attractive bamboo storage box.


  • Smoother than other sharpening stones.

This product is best for freshening up blades around the house, such as: B. small axes, lawnmower blades, knives, and scissors.

2. Wetzstein Wetzstein Sharp Pebble

Another great sharpening stone from Sharp Pebble, their Whetstone is an oil-free multipurpose tool that can be used to sharpen axes, knives, and more.

Designed with your safety and ease of use in mind, it comes with a non-slip silicone base that keeps the stone securely in place, so you don't have to worry about injury.

With your purchase, you get not only a bamboo carrying base, but also an e-book manual. Reviewers have nothing but positive things to say about the manual download that comes with your purchase, stating that it is packed with helpful sharpening tips for beginners and experts alike.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (2)


  • The ax head must be removed for sharpening.

This product is best suited for occasional ax sharpening and for those who also need a quality knife sharpening stone.

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3. Annietfr Wetzstein Double Grain Hatchet and Hatchet

This strong and durable two-grain sharpener from Annietfr places great emphasis on grip in its design and construction.

With a blade design that slopes gradually rather than at a sharp angle, the grip you have is much stronger and won't budge when you get to work. You can use the Annietfr sharpening disc wet or dry, as you prefer.

A double point allows you to perform two important tasks in maintaining your axe. Use the coarse side to remove rust and dirt, then use the finer side to polish the blade.

This disc is recommended for use with all different types of axes, hatchets, shovels, and other garden tools.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (3)


  • Thick and easy to hold, non-slip grip.
  • Two-sided grit options for a variety of restoration needs.
  • It can be used dry or wet as you prefer.


  • Difficult to use for remodeling.

This product is best for quick and easy sharpening of a hatchet or hatchet when camping or at home.

4. DMT Three 6-inch diamond sharpening stones in a hardwood case

Diamond Machine Technology knows its stuff when it comes to grinding tools and accessories. Your set of three 6" diamond sharpening stones makes a perfect gift for any shop or handyman in your life, and even comes in a nicely packaged wooden box.

With three different stones, you have the finishes you need to meet many edge maintenance needs.

All three blocks are available in extra fine, fine, and coarse grit, allowing you to lightly polish the surface of your blade from blunt to sharp. No oil is required with these sharpening stones and you can sharpen wet or dry.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (4)


  • Strong and durable wooden storage box.
  • Made with DMT's strong monocrystalline diamond surface.
  • Super lightweight design and construction.


  • It is not a real stone, but a polishing surface on light plastic.
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This product is best suited for homes with a variety of different tool sharpening needs.

5. Wetzstein Whetstone Villa

Villa's sharpening stone is made from professional grade white corundum, so you can count on it to withstand high temperatures and is highly resistant to corrosion.

White corundum is not only super durable and low maintenance, it also ensures that you sharpen your tools quickly and efficiently.

To use it, you need to soak the stone for a few minutes before you start sharpening the axe, and no oil is required. This stone is also double grit and has a coarse 300 grit on top and a fine 600 grit on the bottom.

The stone comes with a non-slip rubber base that won't move or shift when sharpening, keeping your fingers and table safe and in one piece.


  • Non-slip red bottom for added safety.
  • Made of heat resistant and corrosion resistant white corundum.
  • Two-sided grit with 600 fine on one side and 300 coarse on the other.


  • May break or splinter if dropped, must be handled with care.

This product is ideal for sharpening axes, chisels, and hatchets in the comfort of your workplace.

6. Helko Wetzstein Work Ax

Meticulously crafted in Germany, this round ax sharpening stone from Helko Werk has a pretty solid rating of almost 5 stars on Amazon. On one side you will find a 120 grit and on the other a 320 grit silicon carbide. The top and bottom are two different colors so it is clearly marked which side is which.

It is possible to use this stone wet, dry or with oil, giving you even more options when using it. Included with your purchase is a bottle of Ax Guard Head Oil for use as an ax polishing and maintenance oil. It also comes with a protective aluminum sleeve for safe storage.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (6)


  • It comes with coarse grit (120) and fine grit (320).
  • You can use dry, wet or oiled, whatever you prefer!
  • Store it in a complimentary aluminum carrying case.


  • Smaller but usable stone.
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This product is best suited for buyers looking for a strong, durable, high-quality sharpening stone that will stand the test of time without being bulky or difficult to store.

7. Hults use sharpening stone

Weighing just half a pound, the Hulk Bruk Grindstone is a lightweight yet strong grindstone disc.

It is 3 inches in diameter and its round shape and size protects your fingers and protects them from damage while sharpening your tools. The grit on both sides ensures that sharpening your ax is a quick and easy task.

A fantastic leather case is included with this sharpening wheel to keep your new stone safe. The leather luggage rack is not only strong, the look and feel also make this purchase worthwhile.

This ax sharpening disc will sharpen most axes and hatchets, but is strictly not recommended for sharpening kitchen knives.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (7)


  • Cool and durable leather tote bag.
  • Double grain 180/600.
  • Lightweight and easy to hold while sharpening.


  • Not the best knife sharpening tool.

This product is best suited for the outdoor enthusiast looking for a small but powerful sharpening disc for their axes, hatchets, and other outdoor tools.

8. Fiskars XSharp Ceramic Sharpening Stone

The Fiskars XSharp Ceramic Whetstone is a unique style of sharpening tool on the market.

Inspired by Finnish design, it has a strong fiberglass plastic body that acts as a guard between your hands and the blade, guiding the blade directly into the stone for precise results.

This sharpening tool is designed to be a solid fixture on your shop bench and has a non-slip base to keep it in place.

This tool makes it very easy to sharpen thin blades and requires only a quick back and forth motion to quickly restore your edges. Sharpening your small tools is a breeze with this ceramic sharpener.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (8)


  • Ceramic sharpening system and fiberglass reinforced body for greater durability.
  • Non-slip pads on the bottom for durability and safety.
  • Easy to use and customizable to your needs.


  • Best suited for Fiskars axes, but will work with thinner ax heads as well.

This product works best with axes with a thinner blade made by Fiskars.


(Video) How To Use "Puck" Sharpening Stones & How To Sharpen A Hatchet Or ANY Other Large Tool...

9. Sharpal Dual Grit Diamond Tool Sharpener

As sharpening stones for double grit diamond tools, the Sharpals are unique in their construction.

This tool consists of a thin but solid disk encased in a bright orange plastic body. The outer layer serves as protection and a firm and stable grip during work.

The blade is double sided and consists of a single crystal diamond in coarse and 600 grit to sharpen and refine your axe. You can be sure this thing will repair all kinds of hatchets, hatchets, mowing knives, and other sharp or clinking tools you might have lying around.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (9)


  • Finger guard that protects against cuts and injuries.
  • Simple and secure clamping for quick work.
  • No oil or water required.


  • Take some breaks.

This product is best suited for those who need to sharpen larger blades, such as axes, machetes, and lawnmower blades, rather than smaller knives.

10. HJYC Sharpening Stone Kit for Knives and Axes

If you have a lot of edges to sharpen, why not go for a complete kit that covers absolutely everything you could possibly need for sharpening?

This whetstone set includes all the tools you need to sharpen axes, kitchen knives, landscaping tools, and more! And best of all, it comes with a beautiful bamboo base and a silicone holder for a safe sharpening that won't move or slip.

This kit also comes with an angle guide to precisely align the blade while sharpening.

Each sharpening stone is clearly marked with the correct grit for your quick reference.

The included ax sharpening disc has dual 150 and 320 grit, while the longer knife sharpening stones range from 400 and 1000 grit up to 3000 and 8000 grit.

Have all the sharpening options in the world with this wonderful gift set from HJYC.

Top 10 Ax Sharpening Stones of 2023 | ax that (10)


  • A large kit that gives you the freedom to sharpen a variety of blades.
  • It comes with a sharpening stone, a flattening stone, and an axe.
  • The grains are clearly marked on the stones.


  • It might be overkill for those just looking for an ax sharpener.

This product is best for people looking to purchase a blade sharpening kit that can sharpen anything from a small blade to a large ax and more.

Best Ax Whetstone: Sharp Pebble Puck Ax Whetstone

Sharp Pebble Wetzstein Disc AxIt is the best ax sharpening tool. Sharp Pebble has a fantastic reputation for making quality items that get the job done. This tool not only properly sharpens and extends the life of your blade, but also saves you money.

Aside from the great quality and durability, reviewers love the attractive bamboo storage box it comes in. Stylish and functional, it protects your stone from the elements. We also love that this stone is not too expensive.

It's almost done for you and your axe!

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