The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (2023)


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A whetstone is a smooth block of stone made of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, or novaculite. There is also a grindstone coated with crushed diamonds known as a diamond grindstone. With that in mind, what is the best diamond sharpening stone out there? You can't just buy the first stone you see during an online search or on a shelf at a cookware store. See the reviews

How do I remove rust from tools?

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How do I remove rust from tools?

Types of whetstones

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (1)

1. Kristallstein

The one made of silicon carbide is known as the crystolon stone. It is an artificial or artificial stone that can be used for the initial rough sharpening of dull knives or even to create raw metal edges. It is useful to restore the cutting edge even on rusty knives.

2. Indian stone

The Indian stone is the one made of aluminum oxide. It's a kind of artificial whetstone that canuse for fine grinding, specifically for the sake ofSharpening the blade with precisionor even when it comes to knife maintenance.

3. Arkansas-Stein

The Novaculite grindstone is also known as the Arkansas stone. This is a natural stone with multiple grains. You can use it as a fine grit to sharpen fine edges and as a coarse grit to make edges. Depending on the grain, an Arkansas stone can perform much the same as India and Crystolon stones.

4. Diamantstein

A diamond whetstone is a whetstone covered with diamond crystals. It is considered faster for fine or coarse grinding, as diamond is the hardest substance known to man and will quickly finish any metal surface, coarse or fine. Steel easily scratches diamonds compared to sandstones orwater stones.

It's more than sand

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Your stone should be thick, rough, and coarse-grained. These stones are the foundation of your sharpening toolbox. Essentially, the initial edge created by the coarse stone cuts sharper than a dull knife, but you still need to sharpen the edge with the help of a fine-grain stone. However, how many of these stones and what grit they should be depends on how much sharp edge you need.

  • Rough honing – Honing with a rough hone is all about getting the edge into a good shape, rather than simply refining (sharpening) an existing edge or adjusting the sharpening angle (realigning). When purchasing a diamond sharpening stone set or a stand-alone diamond sharpening stone, coarse stones are the best choice for getting a well-formed edge or a formed edge that results in a better cut.
  • Fine Stone Sharpening: In the meantime, you'll need a finer stone to bring out the edge detail. Just as you need a chainsaw to create the rough shape of your sculpture and then a chisel to detail it, you also need a fine-grained stone to sharpen or polish an established edge. As many diamond sharpening stone reviews would note, the finer grit "refines" the edge to enhance its cutting power. A dull edge will not cut well and will need to be reshaped with a coarse stone to make it sharp again.

It will progress from coarse to fine as you create a new edge or restore the old edge of a dull blade. Passing through the fine grit of one diamond whetstone deposit at a time will continually improve the sharpness of your blade.

Top 5 diamond whetstones

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1. Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone Set - Coarse/Medium/Extra Fine (Great for Chefs, Athletes, Woodworkers or Knife Enthusiasts):

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (2)

The main reason it got to the top is that it keeps its customers happy and there have been few to no complaints regarding its quality control (which lowered its competitors' score). The ultra-sharp diamond whetstone emphasizes the cost-effective value.

Although the guide had a caveat about "you get what you pay for," Diamond Sharpening Stone's Ultra Sharp brand tops this list because they give you more than you expected (in a good way). Comes complete as a set of diamond whetstones for one person.

Additionally, it is available in different grit sizes of 300, 600, and 1200 grit measuring 8 x 3 inches. There is even a universal stone holder and a quality that many customers can confirm. Along with the hard-to-sharpen ceramic knife, you can sharpen all types of tools and knives thanks to its diamond grit quality distribution.

2. Ultra Sharp II Kit: medium and extra fine (guarantees better blade sharpening):

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (3)

This pack is likely to be priced lower than the three stone set as it only contains two stones. Value for money is still great, which is why this ultra-sharp diamond whetstone takes second place in this top 5 list.

It features 600 and 1200 tooth diamond whetstones. Therefore, compared to the more complete set of 300 mentioned above, it lacks coarse stone in its lineup and its score reflects this fact. With just a drop or two of water you can strip anything including carbide turning tools due to the very flat surface and heavy steel substrate.

However, this diamond sharpening stone pack provides better blade sharpening with light pressure and fine stones that quickly sharpen anything with an edge. You can notuseHowever, to make a raw metal edge. It lacks the general utility of Ultra Shop's other suite of products.

see last price

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3. Eforlife Double Sided Sharpener Diamond Knife Sharpener Whetstone Whetstone 300# 1000#:

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (4)

The main claim to fame of this brand of whetstones over the Ultra Sharp brand is theirsDouble-ended whetstone sharpener. One side is 300 grit for coarse sharpening and the other side is 1000 grit for fine sharpening. The eforlife diamond sharpening stone is two stones in one.

When using a diamond whetstone, you can expect a long lasting grind and sharpening due to the longevity of diamonds. It doesn't warp as easily as other materials because diamond is very hard. Harder than the steel it is designed to sharpen. It's a bit lacking in size, which is 7.8 inches by 2.6 inches by 0.3 inches.

In other words, it measures less than 8 inches by 0.2 inches, which explains its low ranking on this list. It's still a big rock, mind you. However, Ultra Sharp's bundle offerings beat it in many ways. However, it still offers enough quality performance as it can level other stones and so on.

4. DMT D8F 8 inch diameter fine diamond throughout, ground (DMT monocrystalline diamond surface):

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (5)

The fourth best diamond sharpening stone on this list happens to be one of the most popular brands out there. This dmt diamond sharpening stone comes as a stand alone stone rather than a package which explains why it is on this list.

It is also an All America Stone made in the USA (or America Diamond Whetstone). You can count on American standards and high quality across the board. It even has a sharpening surface specifically designed for a variety of cutting edges, from small pointed tools to large knives.

It earned its place on this list, although due to the DMT quality control issue, it also had a fast-sharpening single-crystal diamond surface like all the other diamond sharpening stones featured in this review. Sometimes you can get a good stone, but there is also a risk of getting an inferior one.

5. DMT W6EFC Three 6 inch diamond whetstone models in hardwood case

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (6)
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One might think that this particular Diamond Whetstone DMT pack would rank higher than the standalone DMT Whetstone, but that's not the whole story. Yes, you get three sharpening stones in this pack, coarse, fine, and extra-fine grit.

You also get a product that sharpens faster than traditional stones thanks to the same single crystal diamond surface technology that requires no oil to sharpen. You can sharpen your knives with a whetstone (with water) or with a dry stone (without water).

When it comes toCleaning a diamond whetstone, this one also shines because it is easy to clean as there is no need to add oil. It is also built to last, ensuring reliable service and consistent performance over the years. Unfortunately, DMT's quality control has lowered their score to the point where a package deal is ranked lower than a standalone offering from the same company.

When do you use coarse and fine stones?

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (7)

If you're wondering, "So a finer stone creates a better edge. Why do you need a rough stone? then the answer is that the finer stones remove the opaque material more slowly than the thicker ones. Essentially:

  • Fine Stones Are for Refinement: Using a fine diamond whetstone to sharpen the dullest knives is akin to using a chisel to carve a statue. It's unnecessarily boring and exhausting. A coarse stone removes more material and better prepares the cutting edge.
  • Coarse stones are for shaping edges - Again, using a coarse Amazon diamond sharpening stone to get a fine edge is frustrating as too much material is removed. The coarse stone is for shaping and the fine stone is for refining the edge. A fine rock doesn't require a lot of metal removal to really get this benefit.


The size of blade you want to sharpen, of course, requires an appropriate size eBay diamond whetstone. Whether you're sharpening ordinary kitchen knives or a samurai sword, you need to have the right stone to match the blade length and edge.

  • A 6 inch stone is a small sharpening stone and an 8 inch stone is medium sized.
  • Anything larger than 20cm (you may have 10 or 12cm stone sharpeners available) is considered fairly large.
  • You can also use smaller stones measuring four inches or even three inches. These are pocket stones that you can use to sharpen the blades on the go.
  • You can store your whetstones in tackle boxes, tool boxes, etc. However, for regular sharpening jobs, go for eight inches or more.
  • Longer stones make it easier to sharpen knives, whereas a palm-sized stone will take longer to sharpen.
  • The length of the stone is much more important when sharpening a knife than its width.
  • A small knife can be easily sharpened with a large stone, but a large knife cannot be easily sharpened with a small stone.
  • The longer the stone the better as fewer strokes are required to sharpen the blade, maintaining an ideal and consistent sharpening angle.
  • When it comes to woodworking tools like diamond stones for sharpening chisels, flat blades, and chisels, you need stones that are as wide as the blades themselves. This time, width matters more.

Are diamond whetstones any good?

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones Reviews in 2022 (8)

What should you look out for when buying a diamond sharpening stone? Here is an overview. When it comes to diamond whetstones versus waterstones, diamond whetstones are superior due to their hardness, while waterstones have problems when dipping or pouring (in which case you will need to buy a whetstone to keep them flat and level).

There are diamond sharpening stones for every budget. Just remember that you get what you pay for and if you get stingy with these stones, you will likely end up with a non-durable stone. On the other hand, not all expensive stones are the best stones and in the end you still have to make a price and quality comparison.


Rather than buying a diamond sharpening stone or diamond sharpening block, get an 8-inch (or larger) diamond sharpening stone to handle all of your knife sharpening and sharpening needs. Untilbester diamantschleifsteinAs far as it goes, the winner is the Ultra Sharp Diamond Whetstone Set.

It's a bulk discount package, but you won't feel ripped off because the quality of each stone will amaze you. When purchasing diamond sharpening stone package deals, Ultra Sharp's deals are some of the most affordable deals you can get as they include universal holders and can keep your blades and tools (like chisels) as sharp as the day you got them bought.

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