The Best Sharpening Stones, According to Our Test Kitchen (2023)

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Whether you're a novice cook or a seasoned professional, knives are trusted by everyone who spends time in a kitchen to get the job done. And it's important to keep these knives sharp, because a sharp knife is actually safer than a dull one (a dull knife requires more pressure to cut, which can cause it to slip and injure itself). To keep those blades in top condition, we've compiled a list of the best knife sharpening stones so you can maintain your knives with ease.

Types of sharpening stones

Whetstones, also known as whetstones, can be divided into several categories: oilstones, diamond stones, and waterstones (we tested oilstones and waterstones for this guide).According to sharpening accessories, a specialty shop for sharpening products, oil stones are made from one of three materials (novaculite, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide) and use oil on the surface of the stone to aid in sharpening. Although these stones are usually cheaper, their slower cutting speed means that knives take longer to sharpen.

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Meanwhile, water stones are often made from aluminum oxide, although they can also be made from natural materials. Waterstones use water on the surface to aid sharpening and are known to sharpen faster compared to oilstones (some waterstones may need to be soaked before use). However, Sharpening Supplies notes that since waterstones are softer than oilstones (although this can be remedied with a flattening stone), the stone can wear faster and unevenly.

Finally, according to Sharpening Supplies, diamond stones contain tiny diamonds attached to the surface of a metal plate. The surface of the diamond stones can vary between one with holes and one with a continuous surface. Although diamond stones are more expensive, they are known to sharpen knives quickly and last a long time. (We chose not to test these because we felt the less expensive stone types would suffice for most home cooks' purposes.)

Understanding Grain Levels

Regardless of the material, you need to take into account the roughness and grain of the stone. A stone with a grit of 1,000 or less is coarse, making it perfect for dull knives. Meanwhile, a stone between 1,000 and 3,000 grit is excellent for basic sharpening (this grit range is also known as medium). Lastly, a 3000 and higher grit stone is used to keep the blade sharp (this grit range is also known as fine). Depending on the condition of your knives, you usually start sharpening with the coarser side of a stone and slowly increase the grit as the knife sharpens. We recommend getting a sharpening stone with different grit sizes on each side so you always have the correct grit.

The best sharpening stones

This is our list of the best sharpening stones to help you choose.

  • Best Overall Sharpening Stone:Girls
  • The best economic grinding wheel:Wüsthof
  • Economy Whetstone Set:Sha-Pu

Read on to find out what makes these stones the best and which ones deserve an honorable mention.

Overall the best sharpening stone.

avoid the sharpening stone

The Best Sharpening Stones, According to Our Test Kitchen (7)

Credit: Courtesy of the dealer

Shun Combination Sharpening Stone with 300/1000 Grit

We classify Shun's chef's knife like thisBest overall in our guide to the best chef's knives, and his whetstone also ranks first (even better, you can use them together!). With 300 and 1000 grit on both sides, the waterstone is perfect for working rough edges and sharpening dull blades. The whetstone needs to be soaked beforehand, but once it's done, it's a doddle. With a rubber base for added stability, this sharpening stone is an excellent choice for dull knives. To clean the stone, all you have to do is soak it in water and allow it to air dry. If you're looking for a higher grit or want to hone a blade, Shun also makes a double-sided 1000 and 6000 grit stone, which performed just as well in our test.

Buy the 300/1,000:williams sonoma, $80

Buy the 1,000/6,000: amazonas, $80

You may also consider the following:

twin molar

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The Best Sharpening Stones, According to Our Test Kitchen (8)

Credit: Courtesy of the dealer

Zwilling Wetzstein

The Zwilling sharpening stone is another great option for a water stone, with 250 and 1000 grit on both sides. With this aluminum oxide stone, all you need to do for sharpening is water on the surface of the stone, no need to soak. This stone includes a non-slip base for stability (although it was not as stable as the Shun) and is multicolored to help distinguish between the different grains.

buy it:twin, $80

Best Inexpensive Sharpening Stone

Wüsthof Wetzstein

The Best Sharpening Stones, According to Our Test Kitchen (9)

Credit: Courtesy of the dealer

Wüsthof Pencil Sharpener Grit 240/1000/3000 Tri-Stone

The Wusthof is the best budget sharpening stone for several reasons. First of all, it is tri-faced, with 240, 1000 and 3000 grits, which means more for your money and will always have the perfect coarseness for any knife you need to sharpen. Second, this stone has thoughtful features that enhance the user experience, including a wooden base for stability and a mini water bottle to help you keep the stone moist while you sharpen it (this water stone needs to be soaked beforehand). ). The stone is also clearly marked "coarse", "medium" and "fine" so you don't confuse the different grits. With so many useful features, the Wüsthof has everything you need for sharpening, all at an affordable price.

buy it:williams sonoma, $50

You may also consider the following:

Nano Hone 35 micras True Splash and Go Schleifstein

This whetstone is a good option if you are only looking for one grit. At 35 microns, which is considered medium grain,according to this table from Sharpening Supplies, this stone is perfect for basic sharpening. The nano sharpening stone only needs normal water when you sharpen it.

buy it:amazonas, $65

Victorinox Sharpening Stone (Fine & Coarse Combination), 8 lb, India Bench, 8" x 2" x 1"

The Best Sharpening Stones, According to Our Test Kitchen (11)

Credit: Amazon

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victorinox sharpening stone

This oilstone has two sides: a coarse side and a fine side, both of which were effective in our test. Despite being the cheapest stone on this list, it lacks some of the useful qualities of the other stones, such as: B. a foundation for stability. There are also limited instructions for this stone, so we recommend this stone for people who are more experienced with the cutting process.

buy it:amazonas: $37

Best Value Whetstone Set

Sha Pu Schleifstein

The Best Sharpening Stones, According to Our Test Kitchen (12)

Credit: Courtesy of the dealer

Sha-Pu Whetstone Sharpening Set

For chefs who sharpen their knives frequently, this Sha-Pu sharpening set is a great option. With four double-sided sharpening stones, you can choose from eight grits from 240 to 10,000. Each water stone comes with its own base and a larger wooden base to make the handle extra strong. To help you sharpen your knife correctly, this set comes with a knife angle guide so you can be sure the blade will be flush with the stone for proper sharpening. And if your sharpening stone becomes uneven, the set also includes a flattening stone. With so many great accessories, this sharpening stone set represents excellent value for money.

buy it: amazonas, $130 (Editor's note: This product was not available online at the time of publication, but check with your local kitchen supply store to see if they have it.)


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