Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (2023)

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Trophy Road Map:

Difficulty: 5/10.
Estimated time at 100%: 20 – 40 hours.(Depends on play style)
Trophies lost: 3Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (1)Don't shoot into the water!
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (2)a terrifying killeryResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (3)What are they worth?
Failed Trophies: None.
Relative difficulty: None.


Welcome to the Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide!
Take control of Leon S Kennedy once again as you head to a quaint small town in search of the president's daughter. But nothing is as it seems in this survival horror classic!

road map:

Step 1: Complete the game

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In the basic way of every game, the first step will be to win it! There are only three trophies in the game. One is a boss that you can instantly kill with a rocket launcher, one is a minigame, and the other is a fun death. I suggest doing all of them anyway, as both give you a good chunk of money and one eats you! After this step, you will only need two trophies. Yes, I'm serious.

You will earn these trophies:
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (4)It starts with a ring
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (5)Don't shoot into the water!
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (6)A rock and a hard place
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (7)safe ballistics
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (8)a severed lineage
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (9)a terrifying killer
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (10)Castellan Falls
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (11)the ties that unite
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (12)We're going home
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (13)What are they worth?

Step 2: Ada's campaign

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To get the costume that will help a lot in Professional, we will play Ada's campaign, Separate Ways. To access it, you need to enter the "Extra" menu in the main menu and select it. It took me about 5 hours to finish and I found it a bit harder than Leon's campaign. But then, you get a trophy!

During this step you will earn these trophies:
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (14) S stands for elegant

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Step 3: Professional

Now this is where the "fun" begins. Gameplay is exactly the same as Normal, except bosses do a little more damage, enemies do a little more damage, and Leon can't get the tactical vest at the end of the game to reduce damage. You also need to start a new game. No NG+ for you! However, I recommend using Costume Set 2 as it makes Ashely invulnerable! Just play smart, stay safe and read some tips and you'll be fine! I hope… in any case, after this step, it's 100% yours!

During this step you will earn the following trophies:
Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (15)a heart of steel

Trophy Guide:

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (16)It starts with a ringResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (17)
He rang the mysterious bell. What happens after that is up to you.

At the beginning of the game, you will come across a village. This is the first major battle zone. There is a building you can enter with a shotgun, but I advise against it, as it will spawn an enemy with a chainsaw and is hard to kill. It surrounds the map, keeping enemies together. Headshot an enemy, then run up to them and press Square to kick them. Hopefully this will take down some enemies and kill one or two. After a while, more enemies will appear. If you start taking too much damage or there are too many enemies, run towards the building. Grab the shotgun and aim for the head. If you kill enough enemies beforehand and survive long enough, when you exit the roof of the building a scene will occur and the enemies will run away, avoiding the chainsaw enemy entirely.

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (18)Don't shoot into the water!Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (19)
Call the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat.


In Chapter 1-3, you will come to a point where you have to board a small boat on a lake. Before you get on the boat, shoot the water like crazy until you get this trophy... and become fish food.

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (20)A rock and a hard placeResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (21)
Overcome the wild beast, the giant.

In Chapter 2-1 you end up fighting the 'Giant'! To kill him, you must destroy the parasite on his back. To do this, you have to shoot him in the face, take him down. Try not to use the sniper to take him down, as when he can move again, he'll probably be squished. Then run up to it, tap square to jump on it, then smash X to slash. At the last moment to cut the boss, you end up having to hit straight.

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (22)safe ballisticsResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (23)
Save the president's daughter, Ashley. Then the real fun begins.

At the end of Chapter 2-1, you'll end up rescuing Ashley and getting this trophy!

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (24)a severed lineageResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (25)
Defeat the village leader in battle.

In Chapter 2-3, you'll end up fighting the Village Chief inside a burning barn. This fight can be easy or hard depending on your strategy. When he's in his first form, run from one side of the barn to the other and shoot him with your sniper. By the time you can move, he should be right on top of you. So run to the other side, shoot him and he'll run back to you. Then run back to the other side, shoot him, rinse and repeat. Then, in his second phase, he'll jump around the beams, hitting you with his tentacles, and he has a long range with them. Fire your pistol when they're up, but never get close when they're on the lower beams. On Normal, if you hit him with a shot, he will be knocked back and run to the ground. On Hard it's harder to drop him from the beams. When he dies, this trophy will be yours.

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (26)a terrifying killerResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (27)
Turn Verdugo, Salazar's right hand man.


If you don't have a lot of Magnum/Shotgun/Sniper ammo, I don't recommend trying this trophy. At the end of 4-1, you have to wait for an elevator to start. During this process, you are attacked by Salazar's right hand. There are 4 cans of liquid nitrogen. One in the elevator room, one in a side room, one in the corridor and one in the power room. When you see the bug, you have to drop the box and freeze the bug, then just put whatever you have inside it. When you kill it, it explodes. If you have a rocket launcher, you can always shoot him when he's frozen!

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (28)Castellan FallsResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (29)
Defeat Salazar and escape the castle.

This boss is either easy or hard depending on how you handle it. The hard way, you have to shoot the boss in the eyes until Salazar is revealed. Then switch to your sniper and hit him when you can. Then rinse and repeat, avoiding the tentacles. If the head shows teeth, run as it is an instant move.

The easy way is simple. Get a rocket launcher. Enter the fight, shoot the eye until Salazar is revealed, then switch to the Launcher and shoot him! Either way, when he's dead, the trophy is yours!

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (30)the ties that uniteResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (31)
Defeat Krauser, your old partner, in battle.

This match technically consists of two parts. First, you have to run around an area, finding pieces of a door lock while avoiding Krauser. There are two specific sections where you have to fight him. One is in a locked door in the first room with a ladder and the second is when you get the first emblem. When fighting him without the timer, just walk backwards, as when he draws his knife, it will disappear and you can fire a shotgun! Then during the actual battle he does a lot of attacks that require a QTE to dodge. I highly recommend having a fully upgraded magnum and plenty of ammo for it as well. First, you need to shoot him in the legs, causing him to stumble, then you can put some bullets in his body. When you aim at it, it sometimes moves away from your weapon. Unfortunately, you have to be smart with your shots, because without the magnum, you can take a lot of damage. After he dies you get this trophy and the last gate piece. Now I hope you get out of the room before everything goes to hell.

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (32)We're going homeResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (33)
Defeat Saddler in battle and escape the nightmare.

Compared to Krauser, this boss fight is very easy as long as you have two shells and magnum bullets. There are also 2 exploding barrels in the arena. Leave them alone until you damage the boss twice. The boss will have eyes on all his legs. Use a shot on one of them to make his big eye pop and switch to the magnum to damage him. When the eyes on the legs, which you can see, are destroyed, use the explosive barrels on him when he's next to them. If he's not already dead, there are switches at each end of the arena that hit him with steel beams when he's next to the ladder in front of you. Eventually, a missile launcher fires at you. Pick it up, shoot the boss and win!

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (34)a heart of steelResident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (35)
Complete the game on the highest difficulty.

For this trophy, you must complete the game at least once, which in turn unlocks Professional. Now the way the game works under normal circumstances is that the better you play the harder the game will be. So if you played it right, this will literally be no different. The only real difference you see is that you take more damage. Health, ammo and money are equally plentiful. Bosses take a bit more of a hit though. But the only boss you really have to fight is the village boss. The rest, you will have access to buy a rocket launcher and kill them instantly! When you see your results and the new super weapon added to the stores, the trophy will be unlocked! Below are some tips you might find helpful!

  • Wear suits 2! This will give Ashley armor, making her literally invulnerable! Enemies try to pick it up and it falls down. In Chapter 4, when you have to play as Ashley, you can go through her QTEs without doing them, because SHE CAN'T DIE!
  • Always try to find a ladder where you can make the enemies climb up, and not around you, then kill them with a knife. It will take a while to kill them, but you save ammo.
  • On the topic of saving ammo! Headshot enemies, then run up to them and hit straight to kick them, slash them while they're on the ground!
  • Don't use Magnum ammo until you get to Krauser and Saddler!
  • If you find you've used too many health or ammo items in a section, don't be afraid to hit options and reset a checkpoint.
  • Don't bother upgrading stats other than power early on! Wait until you get the Red9 sniper, Striker and Semi-Auto to fully upgrade them!
  • Rotating the save files is a must, in case you mess them up. You have 20 slots to save. Use them, use them!

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (36)What are they worth?Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (37)
Collect all the bottle caps in the game.


To get the bottle caps, you need to find the shooting galleries. When you find them, you should get 6 bottle caps in each rank. To get them all, you need to earn more than 3000 and 4000 points multiple times. There are 5 limits to reach 3000 points and 1 limit to reach 4000 points in each collection. The easiest gun I've found for a gallery is the pistol, which belongs to the "shooter category". When you hit a certain number of targets without missing, you'll get a bonus target on the back that awards you 500 points! These are required to receive 4,000 points! You also want to destroy the targets with headshots for extra points! You can find the arcades at the end of 3-1, right next to the merchant. At 4-1, after taking the second car of the train and finding the dealer after getting off. The third gallery is at the beginning of 4-2. Finally, the last gallery is at 5-1! After getting all 6 heads, in all 4 modes, you get this trophy!

Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (38)S stands for stylish!Resident Evil 4 Trophy Guide | the game longs (39)
Get all the costumes in the game.

To get it, you need to unlock all the costumes in the game. Fortunately, to do this, you simply have to complete the game and then beat Ada's "Separate Ways" campaign. Honestly, I found this side story a little difficult, as Ada's weapons feel very weak and she can only take a few hits before she dies. If there's one thing I suggest, it's to never use the crossbow until you fight Krauser and Saddler at the end. Just stock up on all the ammo you need. Try and look for stairs too, then just stab the enemies until they finally die!

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Is Resident Evil 4 easy to platinum? ›

While still skill-dependent, Resident Level 4 Remake is not an easy game, since even with the autosave system for lower difficulties, enemies are highly hostile, ammunition is scarce, and the game is comparably longer to previous entries.

Is there a difficulty trophy for re4? ›

There are at least five Difficulty Trophies in Resident Evil 4 Remake, meaning that players need to play on a required difficulty level in order to achieve them. “Cuz Boredom Kills Me” is the final trophy to collect. Players must obtain the other 39 trophies in order to achieve this one.

How long is the average re4 game? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story55016h 3m
Main + Extras85220h 33m
Completionist12858h 2m
All PlayStyles1.5K22h 4m

How long does it take to platinum Resident Evil 4? ›

Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40-50 hours [Poll] Minimum number of playthroughs: 3-4 (but we recommend 5-6) Number of missable trophies: Several, but save files can stop this.

Is RE4 one of the greatest games of all time? ›

Capcom's latest action horror game Resident Evil 4 is not only a masterpiece on its own, it's also the best video game remake in the history of video game remakes.

Which Resident Evil game is the longest? ›

1 Resident Evil 6 - 21 Hours

Resident Evil 6 currently has the longest playtime in the Resident Evil series, at 21 hours. Resident Evil 6's impressive runtime is mainly thanks to the game's four scenarios that feature the interwoven storylines of Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jake Muller and Chris Redfield.

Which is longer re4 or re5? ›

On a first playthrough, Resident Evil 4 takes about 16 hours. Resident Evil 5, on the other hand, is a little shorter, coming in at about 12 hours. Bigger is not always better, but in this case the fourth mainline entry benefits from the longer runtime.

How much time passed between re2 and re4? ›

Resident Evil 4, arguably the series' most beloved entry, puts players back in the shoes of Leon Kennedy six years after his time in Racoon City during RE 2.

What is the hardest level in RE4? ›

Of all sixteen Chapters that make up “RE4 Remake”, Chapter 15 is definitely the hardest of the bunch. Much of your time in this chapter will be spent with grunts on your ass and even a few big boys with the gatling gun arms.

What is the hardest mode in Resident Evil 4? ›

There are four difficulty levels for Resident Evil 4, with Assisted for those who need a hand, Standard if you haven't played 2005's game, Hardcore for those who've been here before, and the super-hard Professional if you fancy yourself as a real-life Leon S. Kennedy.

Is Verdugo killable? ›

To kill Verdugo, you will need to make use of some specific switches that can be found in the hallways where you fight them. These are marked with yellow tape and will have a green light to show they are active.

Is RE4 Pro mode hard? ›

Unlocked by completing the Main Story at least once, Professional Mode is the toughest difficulty mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Is Resident Evil 4 easy to play? ›

Resident Evil games are not necessarily known for being ridiculously difficult titles, but the latest entries in the franchise have proven themselves to be contenders for the hardest survival-horror games, including the Resident Evil 4 remake.

How do you get platinum in RE4? ›

The roadmap is meant to show the most convenient way to platinum.
  1. Step 1: Get S-Ranks on 3 Mercenaries Maps to unlock “Handcannon” (Best Weapon) ...
  2. Step 2: 100% Playthrough on Assisted, Keep Manual Save from Chapter 16 Merchant. ...
  3. Step 3: Finish New Game Plus using only Pistols/Knives, Don't Talk to Merchant.
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