Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (2023)

Known as the stone of nobility, a ruby ​​crystal stone is considered the brilliance of all gems. It is also a deep red gem that has special and symbolic meanings over time. And rubies have always represented passion and purity. On the other hand, this beautiful gem can bring happiness to the life of the wearer. It is also said that it can protect the wearer from negative energies and entities that filter positive energies, promoting general witness and spiritual vitality.

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    • 0.1 What is Ruby?
    • 0.2 The meaning and use of Ruby
    • 0.3 Metaphysical properties of ruby
  • 1 Ruby Benefits
    • 1.1 Physical Healing
    • 1.2 Emotional healing
    • 1.3 Healing and Balancing of Chakras
    • 1.4 Relationship and love
    • 1.5 Trust
    • 1.6 Anxiety and depression
    • 1.7 Career success and abundance
  • 2 types of ruby
    • 2.1 Burmese ruby
    • 2.2 Tansania-Rubin
    • 2.3 Indian ruby
    • 2.4 Madagascar ruby
    • 2.5 thai ruby
  • Match 3 rubies with other crystal stones
    • 3.1 Rubin + Rodonita
    • 3.2 Rubin + Rodocrosita
    • 3.3 Ruby + Shungite
    • 3.4 Ruby + Opal
    • 3,5 Rubin + Rosenquarz
    • 3.6 Rubin + Topaz Naranja
    • 3.7 Rubin + Fuchsia
    • 3.8 Rubín + Zoisit
    • 3.9 Is the ruby ​​a birthstone or a zodiac crystal?
    • 3.10 Ruby is the birthstone for July
    • 3.11 Ruby is the zodiac crystal stone for Capricorn
    • 3.12 Meditation with Rubin
    • 3.13 How is Ruby cleaned and loaded?
    • 3.14 Final Thoughts

What is Ruby?

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (1)

RubIt has been a treasured gem, highly prized and coveted for hundreds of years. In fact, ancient cultures even believed that it was more valuable compared to diamonds. On the other hand, in the past, this stone was considered a symbol of the sun in different cultures.

They also used rubies as a talisman to ward off disease, solve problems, protect, bring peace, and increase concentration. WithEsmeralda, diamond and sapphire, the ruby ​​belongs to the group of the four great precious stones. When it comes to Mohs hardness, it is next to diamond.

On the other hand,RubIt is a rare stone that occurs in the color red. However, it can also be found in nature with subtle colors like wine, pink, purple, and orange. Also, the red color is the same as red tourmaline, spinel, and sapphire.Granada. With this in mind, people often mistook these crystals for rubies before distinguishing between rubies and rose.Sapphireit's really new

Every natural crystal also has impurities and imperfections in its crystalline structure. These inclusions are called "silk" and can help you distinguish synthetic gemstones from natural ones.

The most valuable rubies have a vitreous luster and a red hue known as "dove's blood." Also, they are identified as pure red crystal stones that have a blue speck and can fetch millions of dollars per carat.

The meaning and use of ruby.

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (2)

Many cultures viewed crystals as a stone of protection, prosperity, love, and abundance. It is also known for its properties that can boost self-confidence, increase sexual desire, stimulate the heart, and increase energy. As mentioned above, all rubies have blemishes, so each gem has something more to it's meaning.

On the other hand, carrying or carrying a gem can help you overcome both lethargy and exhaustion. The stone also increases the vitality and energy of the entire system and stimulates blood circulation.

But if you are very irritable or sensitive, you will definitely find gemstones uncomfortable or too irritating. Ruby has been known to alleviate hyperactivity in some users.

In addition, the precious stone is an aphrodisiac and allows you to experience all kinds of love, from mystical communion to wild sensuality. This stone will also deepen your relationship as a couple, fostering the bond and closeness.

Ruby is also the gemstone of courtly love. In fact, Ruby honors appreciation from afar. Wearing this while making love will maintain and restore the passion.

The intense energy of this gem will also sharpen the mind. Therefore, Ruby can provide excellent focus and increased awareness. She encourages a bold attitude and increases her success in disputes and controversies.

Metaphysical properties of rubies

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (3)

Ruby is a wonderful gemstone that will help you see the brighter side of your life and illuminate your negative side. Also, this stone teaches to enjoy not only life, but also the physical world.

The energy of the stone will also guide you through mastery as you learn through transformation. Ruby is a good manifestation crystal that can help you transform your life and the world around you.

On the other hand, Ruby Gem is known to be a good mediator when it comes to connecting your power and the energy of the earth. Helps you replenish and restore your personal energy.

Ruby Benefits

These are the benefits of the stones that you can take advantage of:

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physical healing

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (4)

Ruby gemstones can energize and warm even the slow.Aura. That being said, it is a great stone for a sick or convalescing person. Rubies, on the other hand, can help treat infections. It even lowers cholesterol, eliminates difficulty in fasting, reduces blood clots, and detoxifies the blood.

Rubie's gemstone also stimulates the pituitary gland, circulation, and menstruation. It is an excellent crystal if you have blood pressure problems or any other blood related problem. It is also worth noting that rubies can be used to help with weight management, especially when the number one cause is emotional healing.

The red energy along with the Mohs hardness of rubies will help you align with your inner strength. It will provide you with the energy you need to live your life to the fullest.

Emotional Healing

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (5)

Healing energies on an emotional level are closely related to loving energy and love. If you have been hurt before, the ruby ​​stone will help you find ways to transform your anger and negative energies. It will give you the power to deal with fear, suffering and anger and change those emotions with a positive mindset.

Ruby will also prevent you from keeping up with your past and moving on in life. It brings positive features of your disposition to the surface and helps you stand up for yourself and your rights.

It is also worth mentioning that it is known as a powerful protection stone. In fact, this is especially true if you are emotional or sensitive. One more thing, it will help you deal with your destructive emotion and give you the strength to find good solutions and move on.

Healing and Balancing of Chakras

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (6)

Ruby is a stone that is also beneficial for the base chakra. The stone carries the frequencies of the enlightened root or base chakra. This will stimulate the flow of chi and vital energy in your body. It will strengthen the ability to meet a person's needs and manifest his desires.

If you're not familiar with itrootor the base chakra is located at the base of the spine. It will also control the energies for both kinesthetic movement and emotions. This chakra is the base of spiritual and physical energy.

When this chakra becomes physically unbalanced, the usual symptoms manifest as lack of enthusiasm, low activity levels, and lethargy. On the other hand, if it is spiritually out of control, you will feel disconnected from reality. But when balanced, it will increase both your stamina and strength.

Aside from the base chakra, however, rubies are also associated with the heart chakra. When this chakra is out of balance, unexpected outbursts of jealousy and anger can occur. Also, you tend to blame other people for every problem in your life. You may also need constant self-reassurance, lack compassion for other people, and feel unloved.

With the help of crystals, you can connect your lower chakras with your higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. FYI, it encourages sympathy not only for yourself but also for others. Furthermore, it will further enhance your innate healing abilities.

Helps motivate the immune system to work at its full potential. It also helps maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. When you place a piece on your heart chakra, the gemstones help regenerate tissues.

relationship and love

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (7)

Another benefit of the stones is that they increase concern and warmth in a relationship. In fact, an astrologer believes that anyone who wears this stone is a passionate lover. Wearing this stone can also help a couple rekindle their relationship with renewed passion and harmony.

When you are dealing with a relationship problem, you can use rubies to make positive changes. In fact, ruby ​​is commonly used to make wedding and even engagement rings. Very often couples use this stone to strengthen and maintain their relationships.


Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (8)

Ruby can help you build confidence and a greater sense of connection to the world. In fact, it's something that can greatly boost your confidence.

It's hard to feel confident, especially when you feel like you're vaguely floating across the room and can't even put your feet on the floor. Fortunately, this stone will prevent you from feeling this way.

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anxiety and depression

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (9)

Crystals are believed to relieve or combat anxiety and depression, and this one is no exception. This stone exudes excellent healing powers or its use helps with depressive symptoms and combats stress.

On the other hand, its positive and powerful effects inspire enchanting and energetic properties.

Professional success and abundance.

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (10)

Another great thing is that it helps to achieve professional success. Its tone is notorious for offering fiery passion and happiness to the person.

Also, the ruby ​​helps to bring prosperity and good luck to whoever wears it. It will also bring you a strong sense of positivity and ensure financial growth.

And because it helps you build self-esteem and confidence, Ruby will help you move steadily in the right direction in your professional life.

ruby types

Below are the different types of rubies that you may not be aware of.

burmese ruby

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (11)

The Burmese ruby ​​is one of the finest rubies in the world. However, the color is very different. In fact, you can buy this type of ruby ​​in all sorts of shades, from brownish-red to blood-red variants. Some Burmese rubies can be found in Burma and note that they are in demand in all parts of the world.

However, the deep red hue comes from the rich amount of chrome it contains. Although rubies from all corners of the world have some form of blemish, Burmese are known to have a small number of blemishes and blemishes among all. In fact, ancient varieties of this stone can cost millions of dollars and are free of blemishes. Other grades of marble grade corundum are mentioned.Sapphire.

tansania rubin

This type of ruby ​​is mined in the Songea part. In fact, it is the same as Hessonite gemstones based on the color factor. Surely even a stone dealer will at some point hesitate to tell the difference between these two.

The stone of the same size is dark in color. As the gem grows in size, its color begins to fade. Despite this, Tanzania is much cheaper than Thai and Burmese rubies.

indian ruby

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (13)

India has long been one of the leading producers of rubies. In fact, it is not surprising considering that most monarchs had many rubies in their collections. Also, most of the mines that produce this type of gems in India are concentrated in Mysore and Orissa.

When it comes to cuts and colors, rubies actually vary and that makes them highly valuable around the world. Additionally, Indian rubies are said to have various healing properties.

Madagascar ruby

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (14)

This type of sport has an orange-red or pinkish-blue hue that makes this stone distinctive. One of the best things about a Madagascar ruby ​​is that it does not require any treatment to maintain its shape. Like the other types, a Madagascar ruby ​​is valuable and can be found in a variety of cuts, shapes, and sizes.

thai ruby

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (15)

A Thai ruby ​​is a beautiful royal red stone that originates from Bo Rai. This stone, in case you didn't know, filled 95% of the world demand for such a coveted and very rare stone. Also, due to the presence of chrome, this stone has a dark color.

Combination of ruby ​​with other crystal stones.

Ruby is very beneficial when used alone. But its benefits are harder to miss, especially when you combine it with other stones below.

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ruby + round

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (16)

As a stone of nobility, ruby ​​can bestow strength and self-confidence on its wearer. In fact, this is one of the reasons most noble families wear this stone. And as mentioned above, the stone activates the chakra between the eyebrows, increasing sexual desire and energy and inducing sensual pleasures.

However, it is worth noting that excess sensual energy is not good, as it can disrupt the natural flow of energy. Here you arerhodoniteget in the game

Rhodonite transforms excess sexual energy and lust into an even and balanced exchange of sexual energy and attraction. While the stone can strengthen sexuality, passion, and desires, Rhodonite can help tame those overwhelming energies.

Rubin + Rodocrosita

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (17)

Another stone to match yours is rhodochrosite.rhodochrositeit will make you active, cheerful and resilient. It will stimulate your creativity and give you a sense of personal power. Also, rhodochrosite will improve your self-esteem and self-confidence. It will even allow for the impulsive expression of feelings, further enhancing sexual desire, sexuality, and passion.

However, in combination with ruby, rhodochrosite will help you find a stronger romance. As mentioned above, Ruby can instill a sense of confidence and power in its user.

Wearing these two gems at the same time will give you so much confidence that you will not notice sexuality. The combination will also attract real long-term relationships.

ruby + shungite

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (18)

If you want a strong protective talisman, you can combine it with shungite. Shungite's powerful ability to dispel negativity is enhanced by Ruby's fiery powers.

In fact, this combo is perhaps one of the strongest when it comes to dodging danger. That's because you'll find that even the greatest danger seems easy to handle.

Ruby + Opal

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (19)

When combined, ruby ​​and opal encourage creativity and inspire authenticity. They get your creativity flowing and provide energy whenever you need an extra boost.

The energies ofOpalIt will motivate you to show your true self. You will feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin and this will be reflected in your actions, words and thoughts.

However, ruby ​​and opal will easily capture your emotions and thoughts. They will even enlarge them and return them to you. Both gemstones also absorb the vibrations and energies of those around you, even harmful and negative ones. Bearing this in mind, we cannot deny that this combination offers a high level of protection.

Rubin + Rosenquarz

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (20)

When combined, the healing properties of rose quartz relieve pain and heal colon and spinal problems. They will also help with questions related to the endocrine system.

If you want to improve, you can greatly benefit from this combination. They will give you passion, sexual powers, vitality, courage and creativity. On the other hand, your soul can also benefit from these stones as both offer protection against negative energies. In fact, they even bury too much spiritual energy.

Also, due to its ability to bring success and prosperity into your life, we highly recommend using this combination if you really need prosperity and career growth.

Rubin + Orange Topas

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (21)

Ruby and orange topaz is a wonderful combination that manifests your desires and intentions that are aligned with divine will. Both stones have strong metaphysical properties that instill in you a faith that can bring you all sorts of positive things.

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The energies of orange topaz can attract caring people and create new, strengthening friendships. These gemstones also have powerful healing, positive and loving vibrations that are sure to help you achieve the things your heart desires.

That means happiness will come into your life and improve all aspects of your life. These gems will even increase the love you currently have in your life. When used together, Ruby and Orange Topaz will create a greater sense of connection to the world and greater self-confidence.

Rubin + Fuchsia

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (22)

ruby andFuchsiaRelease blockages in your heart chakra. They will even fill the void with loving but supportive energies. Both stones will help you maintain an awareness of his individuality as he connects with people.

Ruby and fuchsite will transform destructive and negative energies into uplifting and positive ones. They will activate and enhance psychic awareness and awaken latent psychic abilities by receiving information from thethird eye chakra. Both stones enhance your connection to the spiritual world. They will help you communicate and connect with the spiritual realms.

Together, ruby ​​and fuchsite can bring a lot of awareness to their subjects, making them excellent gemstones for psychic work. Also, these gemstones relieve emotional stress and help you deal with life's problems. They will help you understand that love can also be achieved on a spiritual level.

Rubin + Zoisit

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (23)

Like it or not, what our hearts want is something our minds will normally reject. But with the presence of zoisite and ruby, they will look for a way to get great results. Ruby and Zoisite have powerful spiritual properties that support learning and spiritual awareness. They offer you access to the memory of the soul and awaken your own spirituality.

The distinctive harmony of these gemstones signifies the feeling of joy that you can surely enjoy in your life as you relax and move on.

As a friendly reminder, don't be the type of person who spends your days in the office and cooped up at home.

Remember that the world is huge. There are many things to do and places to explore. You will be able to live the life you want and you should not let your work and other errands get in the way of enjoying your life.

This combination will renew your commitment to higher goals. They will make you think about the things you have that are true and pure. Ruby and Zoisite give you strength and courage so that you can successfully master stressful moments in your professional and private life. They also increase your self-confidence.

Is the ruby ​​a birthstone or a zodiac crystal?

Yes, ruby ​​is considered abirthstoneand a zodiac crystal.

Ruby is the birthstone for July.

Ruby, this is it.Birthstone for those born in Julyis considered the king ofexcited. It also represents wisdom, love and health. Additionally, wearing an item of clothing grants wealth and good fortune to its wearers.

Ruby is the zodiac crystal stone for Capricorn.

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (24)

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn (December 22 - January 21), then your zodiac stone is Ruby. As we all know, Capricorn is represented by a mountain goat.

And people born under this zodiac sign are strong-willed, serious, and determined to achieve whatever they set their minds to. Also, they are honest and patient, and they enjoy friends who make them laugh or laugh.

Meditation with Rubin

Unfortunately, the ruby ​​is a gemstone that is not normally used for meditation. In fact, most homeowners have found this stone to be too strong to be effective.ritual meditations.

However, this shouldn't stop you from using Ruby because as you can see it offers many benefits and has powerful relaxing vibes that are hard to ignore.

How do you clean and load Ruby?

Meanings, properties and other uses of ruby (25)

Being a long lasting stone, the ruby ​​is more likely to withstand any type of cleansing or charging ritual. One of the easiest ways to test is to put yours in a bowl of Gangajal water. In case you didn't know, it's holy water that comes from the Ganges and is available online, but fresh spring water from the sources you're most interested in is fine.

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After that, place the container in an area where it will be hit by the rising sun. Then you should leave it under the rays for about 30-40 minutes. Rinse and then dry. Having done these things, you are now clean and fully charged.

final thoughts

Many works have been written on rubies over the years, revealing all aspects of their energy in more detail. With that in mind, the healing properties of this stone are often too strong and overpowering and really hard to ignore.

The rich red color of a ruby ​​stone can bring about positive changes rooted in passion. On the other hand, feelings of hopelessness and broken hearts are healed by Ruby's glorious energies. Whenever you feel down and weak, this beautiful stone will help you pick yourself up.


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