Album Review: Lorde Reveals Her New State Of Mind On "Solar Power" - Afterglow (2023)

Turning away from her inner demons and looking outside, Lorde cultivates a fresh sound and bright perspective on her third studio album.

Written by Katie Karp

In 2013, a 16-year-old New Zealand girl took the music industry by storm with her single "Royals". She was Ella Yellich-O'Connor, but would later be nicknamed "Lord". Back then, upbeat songs about everything from parties to heartbreak ruled the pop airwaves. But "Royals" was different. The single was melancholy, its production sparse and its lyrics hopeless. The most notable song about defying fame and luxury ironically propelled Lorde to the top of music charts (and in the center of fame, she sang about it so directly).

Months later, Lorde released her debut albumpure heroin, a record acclaimed by indie kids and passive radio listeners alike for its mystical vocals and experimental bass-heavy production. In 2017, the alt-pop icon cemented his status as more than a one-hit wonder with his sophomore album.Melodrama🇧🇷 Through piano love ballads, upbeat rhythms combined with teen-rebellion lyrics and a careful exploration of radio-friendly pop, Lorde told a story of heartbreak and loneliness. She was a creative powerhouse full of limitless vision and no one could stop her - until she stopped. The young musician has withdrawn from the spotlight,abandoned social networks, and returned to his hometown of Auckland to reconnect with his roots and the planet itself for another four years.

Finally, on August 20, Lorde shared her showing once again with music listeners around the world as she released her long-awaited energy🇧🇷 Filled with recordings of nature sounds and verses about the beauty of nature, the record's carefree, minimalist vibe is the opposite of their previously darker, more emotional work. Lord's move tosolar energyit's not entirely surprising given the timing of its release. During its music hiatus, COVID-19 spread like wildfire and TikTok reached great heights, bringing danceable beats and dark lyrics to a highly digitized and isolated audience. Lorde's chirping sound is less experimental in terms of production, but stands out among techno beats and rebellious 2020s lyrics.

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The title track "Solar Power" is the first of many about Lorde's affinity for nature. The witty acoustic guitar perfectly complements her upbeat lyrics, which express her love for the beach, her friends, her "boy" and herself. The track is emblematic of her ability to battle depression and heartbreak.Melodramaand enjoy a "new kind of glow". In a low voice, Lorde confidently sings: "I'll tell you my secrets / I'm like a prettier Jesus🇧🇷 These lyrics represent the self-love that permeates the album while demonstrating her peace with her surroundings and herself. In "California," Lorde delves into the peace and joy he found away from the spotlight as he pursues the sophisticated objects and subtleties that define L.A. materialism. The next track, "Stoned at the Nail Salon," further fleshes out the whimsical narrative of Lorde's escape from the Hollywood heat that fueled her inner fire.

Lorde's ability to weather the tide of modern pop is evident on Fallen Fruit. The track evokes '60s nostalgia, with reverberant vocals reminiscent of moms and dads and sociable lyrics written like a Beatles anti-war song. At the forefront of the psychedelic path is the desire for freedom and coexistence, much like the ideals ofhippie movementof past decades. But in Lorde's case, the freedom she craves (and has earned for herself) comes from the music industry, an institution that tends to further encourage feeling trapped or trapped in a certain direction. The singer also explores the impact of the developed world on the environment, stating: "We disappear under the cover of rain / ... / It's time for us to leave"). While Lorde laments the destructive practices that various industries have inflicted on her and the environment, it's clear why she is drawn to the flower power movement and its celebration of the beauty of people and the earth.

Lorde celebrates the coexistence of her growth and youth in Secrets from a Girl (Who's Seen It All). Lorde is now 24 and has learned to drink responsibly, accept rejection and stop apologizing all the time. The kiwi pop princess is past her teen tendencies, but she appreciates being young and even refers to herself as a girl rather than a woman throughout the track. The playful lyrics and simple instrumentals reminiscent of 2000s pop reinforce the album's innocent nature. Set against sunny guitar notes and a slow beat, Lorde reflects on her acceptance of growing up; instead of sinking into deep melancholy, she turns to her inner child. Lorde learns to appreciate her past and present while living it with fun and panache.

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"Mood Ring", the album's third single, explores spirituality and emotion in a heavily digitized world, as evidenced by the ever-changing colors of the popular 2000s accessory. Lorde presents today's wellness trends in a falsetto breathless: "I'm trying to look good inside / Plants and celebrity news, all the Ispender vitamins." became popular in recent years: "Ladies, begin your sun salutations / Transcendental in your meditations (Love and light) / You may burn, say and I will purify the crystals." Lorde highlights a variety of possibilities that illuminate her own mood and being, but despite all these rituals, the singer still struggles to understand her own. The track ends on an uncertain note, but its layered vocals and dreamy guitar chords leave listeners in a colorful mood all their own.

The reduced production ofsolar energyreturns at the end of the keyboard "Oceanic Feeling". Throughout the track, Lorde reflects on family ties, imagining everything from her father as a boy, to her little brother who swam, to the potential traits of her future daughter. Lorde's upbeat attitude, hopeful dreams and gratitude come to the fore on Oceanic Feeling, a stark contrast to the darker emotions of her first two albums. She even acknowledges that in the last stanza"Batom Cherry Black"of her past and realized that to find her inner 'sun power' I "just had to breathe/turn on".

Lorde's shift from edgier alt-pop to a younger, more bubbly sound marks a tremendous evolution in her maturity as an artist and as a person. She not only showcases her talent for cryptic, poetic verse and dreamy singing, but also her ability to find light within herself after overcoming heartbreak and heavy feelings. After a turbulent year and a half, the new sound and hopeful messages ofsolar energyit provides listeners with a much-needed sense of clarity and joy. Hopefully, by the end of the album, everyone will be able to discover their own inner glow.

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